Monday, 14 September 2009

The Bridal

I would like to first compliment and congrats myself on having engaged myself with The Husband-to-be.

He is a reliable and loving one, and of course many more complimenting flattery you may fill in yourself.

Having the woe of the possibilities of not having my desired gown, I couldn't sleep well.
Willie - back from his night shift with a mere 2 hours nap - arranged to meet a seamtress in hopes to draft out a design. Vivian taught Willie many jargons on sew work which really benefit Willie's search later on. After lunch, Willie went down to Tanjong Pagar and scouted almost all the bridal boutiques.

They were all surprised to see Willie alone, and that the Groom was the one sourcing for the gown! They expressed envy and ask him to convey to me 'Oh, how fortunate she is!'.

"Yes, I know Honey. Yes, I know." =)

He came back with a list of bridals, and we eventually agreed on the one who gave him the most confidence of making the gown the Jeanie way.
We will be meeting her this Sunday. ;)

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