Saturday, 26 September 2009

The Shoes

Another tick off the list.

Willie's shoes were an easy find at Pedro just as any other men's would.
Now the ladies heels are more troublesome, especially when we want to match the colour of our dresses/gowns and also our skins and definitely the design~!

We started with the Purple Heels and were really lucky to find a pair at my favourite shoe place: Charles and Keith. It was one of the signature collection hence only available in a few (3 or 4) branches only, and they are mainly left with the display set. We enquired further and managed to reserve the last pair at Marina Square which Willie collected the next day. =)

The white heels were scouted by Willie (yes, again. Love you Baby...). When we (us together with the sisters) went to Anna Nucci today, I set my eyes on the exact pair he chose... ^^ Great taste he possess~ ^^

This pair should go well with the Tea Dress, don't you think? =)

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