Saturday, 12 September 2009

The Tea Dress

And since the decision, we started the scouting...
We went from Singapore Brides to many other forums for ideas, contacts and recommendations...

"I'm one that loves my possesions to be customized and preferrably with a personal touch. I already had a gown design in mind years back; it's one of my greatest desire to get married in a gown designed by myself."

I found this site which offer to make your ideal gown. I made an appointment immediately!

I met Felicia today to discuss on my design, and got my tea dress as well which I really like the moment my eyes set on it.

Felicia is really friendly and helpful. I do not have a picture of what I want, merely a doodle or 2 (Willie tried to draw as well... Hahaha!) She googled while I describe, and we somehow managed to compile more information than when I first step into her house. She also has a rack of nice variety of gowns which you can choose from. If I had wanted a white gown, I would have ripped off the beautiful piece on the manequin. I strongly recommend her. ;)

Update Sunday, September 13, 2009:
Her tailors are unable to accommodate to my designs due to the time constraint as it's currently the wedding peak period and they find my designs too complicated... =( (Is it wrong to be too creative? =P)
Still, if you already have a photo of your desired gown, you can bring it to her to replicate at a reasonable low price.

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