Sunday, 13 September 2009

The Wedding Bands

The Perfect Match

The symbolic token of commitment, loyalty and love.

We went to a few known jewellers and customizing sorts, and we eventually surmise on the pair that captivated us both.

Jewellers would normally not recommend getting a pair as from their experience, either of the pair would not suit the liking or characteristics of either of the couple.

We totally agree on it after trying umpteen pairs of bands. They were either too thick for my finger or too thin for his. And most times it would be too fanciful for him when I find my piece just nice.

But I insist on getting "a pair". I'm unaware where I get this persistent ridicule.
Good things come in pairs, don't they?

We put a request for the order, and would be collecting a week or 2 before The Day. (would post pictures then!) ^^

8th November 2009
Tada~ THE Bands.

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